+ Can I interview you for my project/podcast/channel/blog?

Due to time constraints, it is hard for me to take part in every interview that I am asked to be in. Hopefully, some of the questions & answers in this FAQ section can help you out. If you are looking for a formal interview or if you are press, feel free to email with a request.

+ Can you you give me a shout-out/plug?

I get many requests to to support different causes, startups, people and products, but unfortunately I am often unable to do so. I have to be careful how much I ask from my audience in terms of 'advertising' too much on the channel. I usually have to decline these sort of requests as there are just too many for me to include.

+ I represent an MCN/Network, will you work with me?

At this time, I am an independent creator and I am not looking for a Multi-Channel Network or Agency to represent me.

+ Can I send you something?

Sure! You can send it to my PO Box: PO BOX: Amanda Lee PO Box 152, Toronto B Toronto, ON M5T 2T3

If you are a brand wanting me to try out some of your products, feel free to email with a mailing address request.


Bullet Journaling & Art

+ What is bullet journaling?

Bullet Journaling is an organization/planning system created by Ryder Carroll. It's meant to be an "evolving, adaptable practice meant to be self curated as you determine what works best for you". You can refer to for more information, or check out my channel for a ton of videos about it!

+ It's the middle of the year! Can I start bullet journaling now?

Yes! That's the beauty of bullet journaling, it's whatever works for YOU!

+ What do I need to start bullet journaling?

Just a notebook and a writing utensil! Anything else is bonus!

+How long have you been bullet journaling?

I sta rted bullet journaling in January 2017. I came across a random video about it, and was immediately intrigued. The rest is history!

When do you post bullet journal videos? I am constantly posting new bullet journal content on my channel and my Instagram. However, you can count on a monthly "PLAN WITH ME/Bullet Journal Setup" video at the end of every month. Videos during the rest of the month focus on art, calligraphy, doodling, productivity, and just being creative!

+How can I send in a recreation of your bullet journal spreads?

I love to see people's recreations of my bullet journal spreads! I also feature alot of them in my videos. To send in a recreation:

  1. Post a picture on Instagram
  2. Tag me in the photo
  3. Tag me in the caption For a higher chance of being featured in the videos, try to make sure the picture is square and clear.

+ Did you study Art in school?

I was in a highly-intensive Visual Art program in high school, however I did not study Art in college or university.

+ How long have you been drawing for?

Essentially my whole life! I remember drawing when I was as young as 4 years old. However, I started taking it seriously in middle school.

+What notebook do you recommend for bullet journaling?

I recommend dotted notebooks. It really helps with drawing straight lines and measuring. I actually have a whole video that compares various notebooks for bullet journaling, you can check it out here:

+What pens do you recommend for bullet journaling?

You can really use any pen or writing utensil. But if you are looking for my personal favourites, you can check out this video where I talk about my essential supplies for bullet journaling:



+ What do you use to film your videos?

There are two cameras I use: the Canon Rebel T5i and the Canon EOS M100.

+ How do you edit your videos?

I use Final Cut Pro X to edit my videos.